Wmu Payment Agreement

Students with a history of late payment may be asked to sign a payment agreement before completing enrollment for a current semester, or completing enrollment for a future semester. The payment agreement is an electronic document that students can review and sign electronically through their GoWMU enrollment system during their open enrollment period for the semester. The payment agreement can only be concluded if a student has first resolved all other restrictions on their student account. It must be completed before an academic advisor or department head is able to complete a student`s enrollment. The payment agreement describes the terms of WMU`s billing policy for the duration covered by the agreement and reminds students that their courses may be cancelled or that the account balance may be placed with a third-party collection agency, and that they may be responsible for paying the collection agency fee, which may be based on a percentage of up to thirty-nine percent of the overdue account balance. and all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys` fees and court fees, necessary to recover a late account if they do not comply with all the terms of the required payment agreement. 5.3.5. In the event that the creditor`s terms set forth in the ADDITIONAL CONTRACT, according to which the payment of LC is made, deviate from the requirements of the beneficiary to whom the GUARANTOR makes the payment in accordance with clause 5.3.4 of this Contract, the GUARANTOR has the right to consider such payment to be incorrect. Accordingly, the additional agreement is deemed not to have entered into force and the return is made in accordance with clause 5.3.3. the UMM`s shares of the agreement from the GUARANTOR`s U account to the CREDITOR`s U account.

Western Michigan University offers a payment plan option for each semester. The payment plan allows you to spread the balance due over a number of installments. The actual number of installments is based on how quickly you sign up for the payment plan. All payments are automatically processed on each plan due date. If you use a credit card, a comfort fee of 2.85% or $3 will be charged for each payment, whichever is greater. There is a $35 registration fee, which is payable upon registration each semester. The student account must have a minimum amount of $400 and all fees for the previous semester must be paid. 5.2.4.

The time of delivery of the LC from the GUARANTOR to the CREDITOR is the moment when the amount corresponding to the value of the LC granted was received in the guarantor`s bank account. At the time of delivery of the LC to the CREDITOR, the GUARANTOR transfers the shares of the UMM to the CREDITOR at an amount of the nominal value of the LC, which will be granted to GARANTEN`s clearing account no later than the bank day following receipt of payment from LC. Much of the attention paid to paying for college education revolves around financial support such as grants, bursaries and loans. While the discussion about financial aid is deserved, it doesn`t mean it`s the only way current and future students can afford the cost of university. .