Swiss Tenancy Agreement

Tenants` associations exist in most cities. In addition to direct legal advice, they also offer information brochures on rental agreements. You can find your local tenants` association by alerting yourself with one of the national associations: as far as temporary rental is concerned, it is worth mentioning that any temporary rental can be revalued for an indefinite period if the lease continues tacitly. Multi-year leases are not allowed and are automatically converted to open-ended contracts. While it is not illegal to repeatedly renew expired leases, such a chain of agreements can be interpreted as an agreement of indefinite duration. An automatic renewal contract after one year, for example, should be interpreted as a lease of indefinite duration. While this system is dying out in many areas, especially in cities, it remains the norm in others. For this reason, Switzerland has a strong subletting culture and rent transfer is common: if you find a candidate ready and able to take care of your rental, you can leave at any time with little notice, even if the lessor rejects his rental request. However, if it turns out that the initial rent calculated by the lessor is significantly higher than the previous rent of the same property or that the tenant has been forced to conclude the rental contract because of personal or family difficulties or because of the conditions prevailing on the local rental property market, the tenant may contest the first rent as abusive within 30 days of taking possession of the property.

In the absence of an agreement or in the absence of adoption of the decision, the party who insists on his request must bring an action within thirty days. If the case is before a judge, it may take one to two years before a final decision is rendered. In addition to the exceptional termination of the lease, the tenant has the right to return the dwelling prematurely. This right allows the tenant to respect a notice or a notice as soon as he proposes a new tenant acceptable, solvent and ready to take over the lease under the same conditions. If you are moving, the same type of appointment must be agreed with the owner or manager to check for defects and damage. If the accommodation is in a much lower condition than at the beginning of the lease, the landlord may withhold all or part of the deposit paid by the tenant. Otherwise, you should write a written document of the transfer stating that the apartment has been transferred without defects or damage and that the deposit should be fully refunded. The minimum legal period for a rental contract of indefinite duration is three months.

This usually runs from the end of the month of termination (older contracts can run from the end of the quarter). If you wish to terminate a rental agreement, you must do so by sending a registered letter. A letter of termination should be signed by all tenants mentioned in the contract. Pets: The question of whether or not pets can be kept in an apartment should be discussed with the landlord and should be part of your rental agreement. If a tenant wishes to have a pet in the apartment where they already live, the lease or landlord should be consulted to see if this is allowed….