Resale Agreement Preklad

Oral Agreement/Tradition Accord/Tradition prenup: Pre-marriage contract/marriage contract, Call. prenup prenup contract of marriage rental contract: rental contract, lease, rental contract, rental contract/contract to be reached: We have entered into an agreement. We agreed. Lease agreement: Lease agreement for the rental of real estate: lease for the sale of an item: Object/Object of contractual law/contract. Purpose of contract: tacit consent/approval/approval, tacit consent, contif agreement Only projects with global distribution agreement receive a maximum of 10 points. Partnership: partnership contract to conclude social agreements: we have not yet reached an agreement. We do not agree yet. Principle: agreement in principle on the basic points of the trade union contract: trade union contract with the management of the enterprise contract: in agreement with sb, with whom to say the same opinion: the knock-for-knock agreement on the waiver each insurance company only covers the damage suffered by its customer in the same way: in accordance with what, in agreement with projects with a global distribution contract, receives a maximum of 10 points. Agreement Compact windfall pact agreement pact.