Chase Auto Finance Dealer Agreement

As soon as you give your contact information, you can expect your Chase Auto Preferred concierge, who is a dealer who is Chase Auto Preferred`s only contact, to contact you. Your dealer will work with us to complete this process, and they can give you this information. The vehicle`s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is the identification code of a given automobile. The VIN serves as the car`s unique identification marker, as no vehicle has the same VIN. „At Subaru, our customers recognize the importance of making a sound financial decision by investing in a vehicle with leading sustainable value,” said Thomas J. Doll, President and Chief Executive Officer of Subaru of America. With a portfolio of more than $50 billion in assets and relationships to more than 75 percent of all franchised auto dealerships in the United States, Chase Auto Finance offers a wide range of products to meet the full range of its customers` credit needs.