Ankara Agreement Statistics

Proof of your cost of living, for example. B a lease, a mortgage contract, electricity bills, a tax return for the Council, bank statements, documents relating to the transfer of money to relatives abroad, and „Our ultimate goal is to sign a free trade agreement between Great Britain and our country”. The agreement – officially known as the European Community Association Agreement – allows Turkish nationals to circumvent all national visa rules and settle in the UK. It is a legal person that has joint decision-making. The profits are distributed according to an agreed distribution between the partners. The applicant must have an equal or majority stake in the jointly responsible company. A partnership agreement is a key document that covers all „What if” documents. Turks who are in the UK with the Ankara agreement visa are in poor condition due to ambiguity in the directive on routine arrangements published by the Home Office, a lawyer and visa holder told Hürriyet Daily News. The agreement, also known as the ECAA agreement, allows Turkish nationals to work or set up a business in the United Kingdom and to obtain a right of residence (7), has, where appropriate, fulfilled the obligation to register the police. However, some fear that it will be completely abolished after Brexit in 2019. If you decide to join a UK company, you can pay your share of the running costs of that business. It depends on the authorization or refusal of your visa.