Aami Agreement Hospitals

Not only can you choose the agreement of the private hospital in which you wish to be admitted, you can also choose your doctor inside that hospital and benefit from greater flexibility regarding the timing of your treatment. Depending on the amount of your coverage and your room availability, you can also receive your own room. Look for dentists, hospitals, surgeons and more in our network All large health insurance companies have agreements with a large number of private hospitals, but it is recommended to check before deciding which hospital should be treated. This is especially important if you have a hospital in mind before treatment or if you live in a rural area where the nearest private hospital may be remote. Once you have been admitted to a private hospital for a procedure covered by your policy, some or all costs related to your treatment will be covered by your health fund, including: We do not have specific agreements with all health professionals, so some will not be on our network. You can always see any provider you choose as long as you have qualifications that we recognize and you are insured for that service. In most cases, your provider only needs a Medicare registration, but natural therapy providers must be registered with a specific association, so call us to check before booking an appointment. If you choose to be treated in a private hospital that does not agree with your health fund, the extent of coverage you receive depends on your policies. Keep in mind that you most likely have an a-pocket cost during treatment.

Only providers in our network are displayed in the vendor search tool. This does not mean that you cannot see the supplier of your choice, but they may charge you more than the suppliers with whom we have specific agreements. Search our partner site Whitecoat for suppliers outside our network. No – you can see any supplier you want as long as we recognize their professional qualifications. If you choose to see a supplier outside our network, they may charge you more than the suppliers with whom we have specific agreements.